ACH3A (MICH) Ballistic Helmet Level NIJ IIIA

ACH3A (MICH) Ballistic Helmet Level NIJ IIIA

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0. 14 sq. m. Military Police ACH3A MICH Style Ballistic Protection Helmet for Personal Armour

The CompassArmor® ACH3A (Armored Combat Helmet) or MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) is designed
to protect against fragments / shrapnel and other ballistic threats; with improved comfort.
Used by Military, Special Forces, Police and SWAT teams.

Kevlar Helmet, Threat Level IIIA protection
Weight: less than 3 lbs
Flexible chin cup
Meets and exceeds NIJ 0106.01 standards defeating Type IIIA rounds and velocities.
Internal shock-absorbing foam suspension system

Standard: Overpass NIJ IIIA;
Protection area: 0. 14 sq.m.
Color options in Black, Tan, Camouflage, etc.
Size universal (Large)
Unit weight 1.4 kgs

Supply different color nylon cover for wholesale;
Foam donut in the top / foam pads in the back / suspension net / sweatband / camouflage cover / elastic band / chain strap.
1. Suspension system offers a secure, comfortable, adjustable, steady and firm fit.
2. Overpass NIJ standard level IIIA to meet ballistic performance at 1640 fps (500 m/s) minimum.