Armored UHMWPE ballistic fabric

Armored UHMWPE ballistic fabric

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Ballistic ArmoredTM UHMWPE UD fibers Fabric Sheet for making bulletproof items

We supply ARMOREDTM UHMWPE UD unidirectional fabric sheet which is for making bulletproof items. It is a roll product consisting of two/four plies of unidirectional polyethylene fiber crossplied at 0/90 degree, sandwiched with a thermoplastic film.
It features lightweight, soft, comfort, outstanding UV resistant, low moisture sensibility and waterproof, also is powerful protection capability and high specific energy absorption.
Our supplying specifications’ range is from 130 g/m2 to 170 g/m2 which feature different flexibility.

Item No.  Width x Length  Area Density
B160 # 120 cm  x  100+ m  160g/ m2 ±5
D155 # 160 cm  x  100+ m  155g/m2±5