Our major focus is on international trade and we aim to expand our business across the global front for which we have established an overseas department. We aim to be the long term partners for both oversea and domestic vendors, acting as sales agent / distributor for oversea products in China, and for domestic products abroad. We also act as sourcing partners for both overseas and domestic organizations and help them to handle the export & import activities. Adhering to strict business principles and following a customer centric policy has always been our approach with which we aim to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients.


Do you have a bullet proof vest or body armor insert that is expired?

We will replace ANY of your expired inserts with BRAND NEW, KEVLAR NIJ IIIA Bullet + STAB PROOF Inserts.

All you have to do is send us your old vest or body armor inserts (to get sizing).

We can replace inserts for the following brand vests:

GH Armor         
Point Blank         
Second Chance Armor         
ABA, American Body Armor         
Protech Tactical         
Velocity Systems


Please contact us if you have another brand vest or insert that you would like us to replace.